Digital Health Services Laboratory


Members of the DHSL have taken part in the following research and development projects:

e-SENS – Electronic Simple European Networked Services. EU/CIP ICT-PSP 2012 Pilot Type A, European Commission‘s Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme’s ICT Policy Support Programme, 2013 –2016.


PINCLOUD – Providing Integrated eHealth Services for Personalized Medicine utilizing Cloud Infrastructure. GSRT, 2013-2015.


STHENOS – Interdisciplinary Research in Affective Computing for Biological Activity Recognition in Assistive Environments, 2013-2015.


eHIF – Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity. NSRF, 2007-2013.


E-LICO – An e-Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research in Data Mining and Data-Intensive Science EU-FP7 Collaborative Project, 2009-2012.


PEPPOL – Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine. EU/ICT-PSP CIP Pilot Type A, European Commission‘s Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme’s ICT Policy Support Programme, 2009 –2011.


STAMINA - The Human Factors Training for the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry. LLP/LdV/TOI/2009/IRL-512, 2009-2011.


CALLIOPE – CALL for InterOPErability: Creating a European coordination network for eHealth interoperability implementation. EU/ICT-PSP CIP 224986, 2008 –2010.


eHealth Forum. Information Society, 2008-2009.


WIN-HPN – Wireless Intelligent Hospital Premises Networks. GSRT, 3rd CSP, Operational Programme “Competitiveness”, 2006-2008.


INHOME – An Intelligent Interactive Services Environment for Assisted Living at Home. FP6 IST-2005-2.6.2 – AAL, 2006-2008.


INTERLIFE – Quality Healthcare Management and Well-being through INTERLIFE Services. eTEN 517340, 2005 –2007.


LinkCare – Linking Health Professionals in Emerging Care Environments. eTEN 517435, 2005 –2007.


SMARTDIAB – An Insulin Infusion Intelligent System. Operational Programme ”Competitiveness”, 3rd C.S.P, 2004-2007.


AMICA – Assembling Data and Knowledge at the Point of Care to Improve Medical Decision Making and Prevent Errors. EU/ 507048 STREP, 2004 –2006.


pEHR – Personal Electronic Health Record Services for the Mobile Citizen. eTEN 510719, 2004 –2006.


e-Vital – Cost-effective health services for interactive continuous monitoring of vital signs parameters. eTEN C27979, 2002 – 2004.


C-MONITOR – A cost-effective solution for personalised patient compliance monitoring. TEN-TELECOM C27256, 2002 – 2003.


DIACLINIKI – Online Health Services Clinic. GSRT, PEPER2000, 2002 – 2003.


TELECARE – Patient Telemonitoring, using Ultra Low Discomfort Vital Signs Sensors over Mobile Networks for Interactive Continuous Care. IST-2001-33299, 2001 – 2005.


e-Med – Utilisation of digital economy techniques for the reimbursement of medical services across Europe. TEN-TELECOM C26790, 2001 – 2002.


PARREHA – Rehabilitation IT Aid for the Parkisonians. IST-1999-12552 , 2000 – 2003.


C-CARE – Continuous Care. Technological Research & Development Programme “Fifth Framework Programme” (FP5), “Information Society Technologies” (IST), 2000-2002.


ASPISRedesign and Automation of Drug Procurement and Management Processes. GSRT, EPET II Programme, 1999-2001.


LIMBER – Language Independent Metadata Browsing of European Resources. Technological Research & Development Programme “Fifth Framework Programme” (FP5), “Information Society Technologies” (IST), 1999-2001.


DIAVASISPatient Transfer Through a System of Telematic Routing. GSRT, EPET II Programme, 1999-2000.


ΟSMOSIS – An Integrated Telematics System for Emergency Healthcare. GSRT, EPET II Programme, 1999-2000.


Intranet Health Clinic. ΕC – TELEMATICS HC 4012, 1998 –2000.


MOMEDA – Mobile Medical Data. ΕC – TELEMATICS HC 4015, 1998 –2000.


AUTONOMY -  Intelligent Wheelchair Navigation System. ΕC – INNOVATION/Specific RTD Programme, 1998.


THESIS – Transformation of Healthcare for Excellence in Strategy Information and Service. EU/ESPRIT, 1998-2000.


MOBINET – Mobile Robotics Technology for Health Care Services Research Network. EC – HUMAN CAPITAL & MOBILITY, 1997 –2000.


EUROMEDIS – European Medical Device Vigilance System. European Commission, AIM, 1996-1997.


EUROMEDIES – European Medical Devices Information Exchange System. European Commission, AIM, 1995-1996.